Monday, August 12, 2013

Rebooting my System

Photo taken 8/12/2013

Weight as of 8/12/2013: 172
BMI as of 8/12/2013: 32.5

Inches as of 7/31/13
Upper Arm: 12
Upper Chest: 35
Lower Chest: 31.75
Waist: 35.25
Stomach: 37.25
Hips: 40.75
Upper Thigh: 24
Lower Thigh: 17
Calf: 14
Ankle: 8

I will redoing all of this for about 10 days, for now. We'll see if I lose anything. 
I've been doing bad lately. Like bad bad. Krispie Kreme, Spangles, delicious Mexican food (which isn't bad, but when you get unlimited chips (fried) and salsa and enchilada's smothered with cheese it is)
So I'm rebooting my system. 
I'm eating clean for 10 days (to start off with) and working out every single day. Weights every day, cardio every day, running 3 times a week.

This is going to be my routine:
Sunday: Leg day, yoga and run 3.1 miles
Monday: Arms Day, high intensity Zumba with Adrianna
Tuesday: Abs, oblique and back day, Zumba with Stephanie, run 3.5 miles
Wednesday: Leg Day, high intensity Zumba with Adrianna
Thursday: Arms day, Zumba with Stephanie
Friday: Abs, oblique and back day, Run 4 miles
Saturday: Rest (walk 2 miles)

I'm hoping to increase my mileage every week until I get to a 10 k.