Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 4: Operation Eat Clean

I have not been able to fit into this shirt since I got it on our honeymoon 4 years ago. It's still a little tight, but I'm closer to fitting into it than I was a few weeks ago!

I feel like I say this every day, but today started out rough!
My husband works mid-shift for the USAF (10pm-6am) so I usually wake up around 1 or 2 pm so I can be close to his schedule. Well, I'm hating it. I am productive when I am up early and see the sun and drink coffee in the morning instead of the afternoon. 
Joe told me a few days ago that he has a commander's call to go to at 8 am tomorrow that is mandatory. So, he won't work tonight, but he is sleeping until about 9 pm and staying up the whole night just to go to this thing. So, my schedule is even more messed up! 
I thought he was going to stay up the whole entire day/night last night/today so I was going to do it with him. So I stayed up until he came home (6:30am) and he says he's staying up the next night, not last night. So I went to bed even later than I usually do, waking up even later. 
AND on top of that... I got a call early this morning for an interview at 11:30 tomorrow. So I have to try to go to sleep early tonight. It's going to be rough.
Anyways, so I'm just now eating my breakfast/ snack (7:30pm). 
Hard boiled egg, homemade hummus, baby carrots and grapes and of course coffee.
I usually eat the hummus with the carrots, which I did, but I also tried it on my egg instead of salt. Weird combo, but pretty good!
Alas, I did not work out today. I didn't even clean or do any heavy lifting of any kind. Sad day. Tomorrow I'm working out EXTRA hard and it will be abs AND arms day including cardio!

Lunch/Dinner for me since I have to be up early:

Cheesy Zucchini Boats with Rice a Roni's Garlic Brown rice with Orzo and a fruit salad!
This actually came out REALLY good!