Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 3: Operation Eat Clean

Good start so far!


Coffee, of course, strawberry Activia yogurt with Kashi granola and my daily vitamins!

Actually before I even ate, I measured myself. Well, I weighed myself first but that was disappointing. It said I was 173! I really need to just give away that scale. I just did a huge muscle- gaining day, of course I'll  weigh a bit more!
Anyway, yesterday when I was moving stuff around in my living room, I did the typical stance that most ladies do. Stand far away looking at everything with hands at their waist in a approving or disapproving glance. Well, as my hands were on my waist, I kinda squeezed my sides. I was shocked how thin I felt! (thin is a relative term here guys, I don't want a tiny person coming up to me arguing that I am so not thin)
So I had to measure myself today, even though I measured myself less than 2 weeks ago.

2 weeks ago vs today
35 vs 34
34 vs 32.5
34 vs 33
37.25 vs 36.5

I took some new photo's and compared it to a few months ago, check it out:
Same jeans, just a little looser.

I feel like people on Facebook and Instagram are starting to get burnt out of seeing my losing weight or motivational pictures/words. It's starting to become a downer. I understand to you it should just be a one time thing: she lost weight. But to me, not only is this not the norm, but my body is doing things I'd never thought I could do! It's exciting! If the roles were reversed I was be super excited for you and have nothing but kind and motivating words for you. Because I know the struggle.

Anyway, onto brighter and lighter topics.

CRAVED pizza for lunch today!
I was ordering it, about to press order now and then... I didn't do it.
Mostly because they said I could get a large 5 topping pizza for $12 then it came out to $20 after tax, delivery fee and tip. Screw that. 
So I had a Hearty Tomato soup with Pasta and cheese and crackers instead. 
Not very clean, I know, but it's better than pizza!

I then worked out.
Didn't do much cardio.
I cleaned my house first off from the disastrous mess it was in from me building the desk last night plus I did some odd jobs around the home involving heavy lifting AND laundry.
Also, I walked on a treadmill with an incline of level 6 for half a mile (walked with a friend who's a beginner at working out)
Then proceeded to do my leg day.
Hip abductor 125 lbs 3 reps of 12
Squats 20 lbs 3 reps of 12
Shoulder length Squats 20 lbs 3 reps of 12
Sumo Squats 20 lbs 3 reps of 12
Calf raises 3 reps of 12
Ballet calf raises 3 reps of 12
Pigeon Toed calf raises 3 reps of 12

For dinner I am having a recovery protein smoothie
with 1/2 a Banana, juice from one Tangerine, 1/2 cup Pineapple, 1/4 cup Mango and Body Fortress Vanilla Whey Protein Powder.

That's all for today! Not a bad day, not the best, but not bad.
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