Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 7: Operation Eat Clean

I'm almost done with my 10 day 'trial', if you will. 
I think I'm going to keep this up. I am getting a little burnt out from counting my calories. If I just eat clean 80% of the time, which I think I do, I think I'll be okay.
I'm slowly getting better with sweets. Every night after dinner I crave something so sweet. Lately, I've been craving this Tiramisu cake from Dillon's. OMG in a cake. It's soooo fattening but soooo good! I have to resist it.
So whenever I crave sweets, I've been making smoothies or I have a fruit bowl. I'm trying to teach my body to crave fruit instead of desserts.

Since it's Sunday, I usually take it easy. I'm going to be doing my leg day, yoga and maybe a jog. 
I say maybe because today my hip joints are killing me. I don't even want to do my leg day, but I must! This week is going to be hardcore! I leave for Spokane on the 27th and I will be seeing my mother for the first time since February. Basically, since I started losing weight. I want to lose a few more inches in the next 9 days and I have to go on 5 more runs before then. PLUS I have to deep clean the whole house before she gets here. (Why do mothers make us so frantic?)

So the schedule for this week:
Sun: Leg day, Yoga, Run 3.5 miles
Mon: Arm Day, high intensity Zumba
Tues: Abs/Oblique/back day, low intensity Zumba, Run 3.75 miles
Wed: Leg day, high intensity Zumba
Thurs: Arm day, low intensity Zumba, 
Fri: Abs/oblique/back day, Run 4 miles
Sat: Rest

Breakfast today was big:
Eggs (1 whole egg, 2 egg whites) with ketchup, 2 strips turkey bacon, 3 strawberries, 1 banana, coffee, and OJ. Woo! It was hard to eat it all! Plus (not in the pic) I had my vitamins. 
I think I'll be full for a while.

I was full, until I was all of a sudden FAMISHED!
You ever have one of those days that just drags on and on and it's only been an hour?
That was today.
After I ate breakfast, I did a post on muscle soreness and toning because for a few days now, my muscles and bones have been sore. I've had body pains everywhere. I'm still feeling sore from that run I did on Saturday!
Afterwards, I decided to take a bath. But, in order to bathe, I HAD to clean my tub.
You ever start cleaning one thing and next thing you know your whole entire house is clean?
That was me.
Then I was hungry... not hungry ravenous.
I did not want to cook. I just cleaned the kitchen, I don't even know what to make, and I just went out, I didn't want to go again. So, that left pizza.
I did it, guys. I had the stupid pizza. Not only that, but I ordered a chicken, pineapple, banana pepper, red pepper and onion pizza, waited forever to get it, then when we got it, I didn't even check it. I gobbled a slice in no time. That was when my husband told me there was pork on it.
Now, I don't know if I've mentioned this before: I'm Seventh Day Adventist.
A religion that is similar to the Jewish religion/culture. One big 'rule' we share is to not eat unclean (non Kosher) foods: pork, lobster, shrimp, catfish, etc
I called Papa Johns in a heart beat and b*tched them out. How could they be so careless? What if I was allergic?? They sent me another pizza, but I swear it took FOREVER.
I didn't get to take my bath until later. I poured tons of salts and baking powder in there to help with the soreness and to detox my body.

I didn't even workout. Not even yoga. That's how crazy sore my body was.
I didn't go to sleep until about 5, 5:30 am so I had a snack around 4am
Sliced Gala Apple with White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter by Peanut Butter & Co
Both of these flavors are AMAZING!
The only problem: it has Evaporated Cane Juice in it. Which to me just sounds like Sugar. I looked it up and there are some controversy over it. But I went to the Peanut Butter and Co website and they state that its basically unrefined sugar. Which basically means it's been less processed.
Other than that, the first ingredient is, in fact, peanut butter (You'd be surprised how many peanut butter's don't), evaporated cane juice, vanilla, honey, and a few other natural ingredients, depending on which peanut butter you have.