Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm Bragging a Little...

I'm back from my mini vacation! I had to go back to Washington to pick up my moms car and to get my licence renewed. And I just want to brag a little! 
Ok, I know it looks like a mug shot, but it's not. On the left is my previous licence. I took this photo with I was 19, I was around 160 lbs and not looking to work out and get healthy at all. On the right is my current photo, I'm now 25, 170 lbs and I feel I look a whole lot thinner. My face looks more ovular than round, you can see definition around my neck and shoulders and I just plain look happier!

I also saw my childhood best friend at her wedding. (I'm actually not ashamed of showing myself in this photo! I'm so proud of me and my body. It's slow, but it's coming along!)
We saw each other for the first time in about 6 years, from the last time I visited and 13 years from when we were kids. 

I did workout a bit. My mother showed me some cross training moves that I will show you guys and will be incorporating into my workouts.