Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Day!

For breakfast I tried something new. Special K's Nourish Multi Grain Blend with Quinoa Maple Brown Sugar Crunch flavor. 
I gotta say, I wasn't impressed. 
I feel like I can make better, myself, for a less expensive price. 
But for one who is on the go, maybe you should try it out. All you do is heat up some water and pour to the line in the cup and let soak. 

My workout was tough today. I was sweating cats and dogs. I tried out some CrossFit moves my mother taught me while she visited and holy. cow. lick. My lungs, heart and quads were working! I wish I had someone to take pictures, but I'll describe what I did in as best detail as I can.

Warm up:
1 min Jumping Jacks
1 min skips across room, back and forth
1 min side skips across room, back and forth

Push Press, Squats, jumping over weighted bar. 
Start off doing 10 of each. Then 9, then 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
No breaks, no rest, no catching your breath. 
In the words of Jillian Michaels "Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going!"

Once I was done with this, I did some ab work:
Lay on your back, knees up, feet down. Hold a 10 lbs weight above your head, arms straight. Sit up ALL THE WAY, keeping yours arms above your head at all times. This works out your abs and shoulders. You better believe me, it works you! 2 sets of 25 of these
2 sets of  25 flutter kicks
2 sets of 25 scissor kicks
2 sets of 25 Russian Twists with 10 lb weight

Then a little bit of arm work:
I mostly added this in because I haven't worked out my arms in a while and I wanted to wake them up
25 bicep curls, slow
25 kick backs
25 shoulder raises
25 fly's
25 rows

I added a few yoga moves here. I did a full sun salutation sequence and some muscle stretches. 

All this took me less than 40 minutes, warm up and cool down included and I burned 437 calories. I feel like I burned way more though. But even if my heart rate monitor is lying and this is the minimum, than awesome!

 I was craving a raspberry smoothie. 
This is my own attempt to make Jamba Juice's Strawberry Raspberry Banana Smoothie.
(I went there once thinking that they would make beyond amazing smoothies. They were good, but they didn't add in any secret ingredient to make it their own and super special, so I make my own now.)
I gotta say, mine was better than Jamba Juice. 
This was my recovery smoothie. I only used a half a scoop of protein powder because I plan on having another smoothie later after I run when the set starts setting. 
Recipe will be posted soon.

I made Turkey and Zucchini Sliders. How adorable are they?!?!
Recipe will be posted soon.

Also, I had a dessert:
Half a Gala Apple, 1/3 a Banana and This -->

Have you tried this deliciousness yet? You need to.

Around sun set I went for a small 2 mile run. My shins were killing me and I felt like I worked out enough so I cut it short. But I had to take advantage of the weather. 

I'm not proud of dinner. Ladies, TOM is here (Time of month) and I was craving a burger so bad. And I justified it by saying I ate good all day and I worked out like a beast. Normally I would say, okay a cheat meal or a small indulgence isn't bad, but I went on a road trip and was eating horribly the whole time. So I can say that I really didn't need a burger. But I got one. From Five Guys. And my husband and I split a regular side of fries. It was greasy and delicious. But that was it. I have dinner planned for tomorrow and I'm not giving into temptations. 

That was my day! I'll try to figure out a way to take some pictures or a video of what I'm doing.