Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Free Zumba Routine


Have you tried it? It's AMAZING!
Shyea!! 850 calories and you don't even feel like you worked out. How can you be when you're dancing? It's not just dancing though. Zumba has a way to make me feel confident, sexy and just plain awesome! 
Ok, yes, at first you kinda look like an idiot but once you get the moves down, you're unstoppable! 

Anyone can do this, you feel awesome, and you form bonds with the people around you. 
There are many ways of doing zumba.
You can do zumba viz Wii or xbob Kinect. 
I have the Kinect version, I liked it, it's actually how I started out. But I quickly did all the dances. And there's a male instructor that I don't like. The whole point is you have to mimic the person so you can points but he does all these moves that doesn't have anything to do with zumba. Like giving a thumbs up or something, for example. Seriously? I have to mimic you doing that? And he does it a lot.

Or you can join a class at a gym. I go to the gym on base and I go to Just Ladies Fitness. I love it. There's a chick there that is actually Hispanic (I am Puerto Rican, not to be racist but I don't like the white instructors, they don't move as much) and her moves are crazy! By the end of the warm up you are sweating. By the end of the class, you are dying, if not already dead. I love it! I feel great afterwards and I burned 1000+ calories with her. 

But in case you can't do any of these, this is what I do when its a rainy day and I want to burn serious calories.
Here are some free youtube video's and there are a lot out there, but this is my favorite series. It's a total of 12 videos and 50 minutes and you burn 500+ calories doing it.

There ya go! You just burned 500-700 calories!!! Congrats! If you would like to know exactly how much you burned go to calories burned calculator app and type in your weight and that you did 50 minutes of high intensity zumba.