Thursday, March 28, 2013

Breakfast Idea

It's hard to think of low carb meal ideas but breakfast is one of the easier ones. 
I used to eat toast, frozen waffles, and oatmeal for breakfast all the time. It's easy and fast. 
(My husband and I see oats differently, he thinks it still counts as carbs and we shouldn't eat it, but I think because its so good for a runner I eat it in small amounts and very seldom now)
Now, instead of eating potatoes or any grain, eat veggies, fruits, meats, eggs and of course coffee!!

What I had for breakfast yesterday:
Coffee - with Splenda and Coffeemate lite original creamer
Eggs - 1 whole and 2 just whites
White American Cheese
1 sliced Gala Apple - has a lot of carbs, but all healthy carbs.
2 stripes of Turkey Bacon

This meal is 330 calories, 26g HEALTHY carbs, 20g fat, and 29g protein and 5g of fiber.

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